About Us

MacStellar Energy Corporation is a Texas based company specializing in the development of commercial Solar Farms for the production of clean energy that will be sold to public and private distribution centers supplying municipalities, commercial or residential and industrial customers.

We are a dedicated and result driven team that are making a difference in the world so that our grand kids and great grand kids can enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer.
Adopting the agriculture side throughout our facilities and operations, will fulfill our deep interest of being environmental friendly, helpful, sustainable and more.

We believe solar is the key to unlocking the most powerful source of energy on the planet. Through some strategic partnerships that we’ve created, we will become one of the major Solar Power Manufacturers in the United States.

Our Mission

MacStellar’s mission is to become one of the biggest producers of solar energy within the United States and maybe the world. We want to make energy affordable to everyone and we will stop at nothing to get there.

Our Vision

MacStellar has a vision of the earth being fueled by 100% natural, renewable energy within the very near future. And we can see ourselves at the forefront of it all.

MacStellar 5 is the company's current Solar Farm project located in San Antonio Texas.  It is a 21 Acre site (#188867) selected by the company for its suitable permitting, access and proximity to the city as well as many other factors.

Our Facilities

Our Team

Costis Macropoulos

CEO and Chairman

Costis is a skilled leader and director of solar projects in his native country of Greece and has spent over ten years in the industry of solar and clean energy generation. He has a graduate degree from the American College in Greece and a post graduate degree from the London School of Economics. Using this educational background, he continued in his father’s footsteps in the textile industry as a very successful businessman. He later turned his entrepreneurial creativity into a progressive and environmentally sensitive business venture of solar farms. He is a leader in alternative energy in Greece, with over a dozen photovoltaic parks and a main contributor to the country’s carbon footprint reduction. His interest is to expand his expertise into the United States with new and improved ways of creating clean energy.

Cuauhtémoc “Tim” Valencia

President and COO

Tim is a Clean Renewable Energy enthusiast, interested in a clean future for generations to come. His skills in working with people became evident with the team he put together to form and implement the first of its kind energy harvesting, educational, eco-friendly, agriculture encouraging, and fully sustainable alternative energy farm. His extensive experience in solar came from his partnership with Mac Energy Group based in Greece, for over 5 years. Mac Energy Group is valued in the industry of solar farms for its many years of clean solar energy generation. Further background experience for Tim is his awards and recognition in architecture and design. Also, he possesses many years of experience in sales, research and development, broadband and engineering applications, manufacturing prototypes, and market analysis. Among many of Tim’s versatile qualities, are his abilities in cultural relations, and fluency in Spanish and English.

Frank Jonker

Director and BDM

After completing a degree in Business Management at Damelin College in South Africa, Frank moved to Europe where he founded FEJ Consulting, a company specializing in recruiting and lead generation for Sales Organizations all over Europe, the United States and Asia. In 2005 Frank moved his operations to the US and has been involved with a number of start-up companies which range from tracking, commodities, tech and renewable energy. With his knowledge in sales and marketing, he will help MacStellar Energy grow into a profitable and self-sustainable business. .

Lazaro Ortega

Advisor to MacStellar

Born in Mexico in 1970, Lazaro studied at the American School Foundation, Culver Military Academy in Indiana and the University of Mexico. Lazaro started his entrepreneurial career in the Pharmaceutical business as one of the top sales executives in Mexico and founded his own business, Business Links, soon after in the year 2000. Business Links specializes in business relations, public relations and contracts. Lazaro currently does business in countries like Holland, USA, Mexico, Indonesia, China, and other Countries in South and Central America. Being fully bi-lingual (English and Spanish) and a sales professional, Lazaro is a vital part in helping MacStellar reach their goals. . .