Education Centre

An on-site educational facility will coexists as an extension for the national university system of Texas A&M and St. Phillips College, being part of the local Alamo Community Colleges (ACC) and others. The facility is open for tours to local school systems and special organizations upon seeking more knowledge for their students and alumni, in the renewable clean energy industry.

We at MacStellar believe in educating students who can work in future renewable energy areas and or to train already established professionals in how to use the new technologies.
No single renewable source can meet all the energy needs, and that’s why MacStellar will offer programs that cover a range of technology in the sector.

We believe that research and education are key in the transition to a low-carbon society, even a child understands this, so we shouldn’t complicate things too much.

The young generation understands these basics and that’s why MacStellar Energy focuses so much on education, and that’s why MacStellar invests 6% of its revenue back into research.